Women! Sell Your Clothes Online & Make Money to Travel

We live in a miraculous age of possibilities when it comes to sharing our ‘stuff,’ our knowledge & our talents.

That means something awesome when it comes to finding money to travel. It’s all there, all we have to do is shift our mindset to make the most out of what we have & spend less on what we want. I’ve shifted my focus & I’m hooked on finding as many ways as possible to take full advantage of this beautiful age of the Sharing Economy.

From renting out your place while you travel to selling your own talent on Fiverr or Etsy, the methods to fund your travels are endless.  No more excuses.

Guess what? Everything you have – the roof over your head, an extra room, your couch, your talents, your car, your clothes, & even the shit in your junk drawer can all be used to make extra cash if you start looking at it with Green Eyes.

Make this promise to yourself today: “I will never look at my possessions the same way again.”

In the very room you are sitting in right now, look around. Pick out 5 things you could sell, rent or use to make extra dough. It’s there trust me. You just need to exercise those green eyes.

In this post, I’m focusing on what can be an enormous source of income for women in particular: Selling & buying Clothes online.

But before I get into the nitty- gritty, let’s focus on the Basics.

Remember the Golden Rule of Thrift: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

Reduce:  First of all, stop spending on shit you don’t really need. Just stop. The memories you will make traveling will blow that designer makeup out of the water. That one night out for dinner will pale in comparison to the meal you’ll enjoy while gazing at the stunning sunset on the Caribbean Coast.

Re-use: Minimize, organize & take care of what you do have so it lasts, you can find it when you need it & you get the most out of it. In this same respect, go even further & make money by letting others use your things, your car, your home, your office space, your skills.

Recycle: Not in the paper & plastics way, but selling & buying your clothes, books, furniture & electronics online will save you money that you can do magnificent things with.

So, change your mindset. If you want to travel, you will find a way. We live in an extraordinary time. Don’t let that go to waste, don’t make excuses. Focus on what you want & start with just one thing.

This is how it started for me. Browsing the inter-webs one day, I stumbled on some clothing sites in search of a dress for an upcoming wedding. I ended up finding Poshmark & it’s turned out to be the best way for me to sell.

With a social media-themed concept and an easy-to-use phone app, you’ll find it’s easy as pie to sell your clothes online, & buy at half the store costs, if you wish. Now, I personally find some other sites might be better for purchasing, since others allow options to exchange or ‘trade’ but for selling, I’ve had great success with Posh, as its users lovingly call it. You can sell or buy everything from designer dresses to old t-shirts. Your trash is someone else’s treasure.


My Poshmark Closet


So, check it out today & see what you think!

But before you do, remember to completely shift your mindset & explore all of the ways you can creatively sell, buy & share to save more for the important stuff.

Don’t forget – Life is happening now & when you near the end of it, all you will have is the memories & your fancy purses won’t mean jack.

Knowing you’ve lived it abundantly will keep you smiling now & well into the future.


Other website to check out: Vinted, Tradesy, Etsy, Mercari

Do you have a gift people might pay you for? Check out Fiverr

Got decent digs? try renting out your place on Airbnb

Link to My Closet on Poshmark: My Closet

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