Vision Boards Are Nice, But Real Life Is Even Better

Like a proud, beaming mama, today I introduce the world to my new baby, The Brave Bikini.

The best life decisions are often made after everything falls apart & the shit has hit the fan. Enlightenment can strike when you least expect it – drinking stale wine in bed, watching Netflix with your cat, wondering how you got trapped in a monotonous life of soul-crushing mediocrity. Your moment of zen may appear when you realize the pizza delivery man knows you by name.

This blog starts at the part of the story where I get up offa that thang, kiss the ordinary goodbye, & start exploring the most beautiful people, things & places of the world – wearing bikinis, & of course, singing on some stages along the way.

Oh, & I’ll write about stuff that happens when I’m not traveling too, because life itself is a journey, & this one’s a helluva ride.

I hope you enjoy it.

With Love,
Lisa xox

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